New Team Members!

Since our last post, we have gained three new team members – from the University of Edinburgh – who will be joining us on the Trinidad Expedition.

Here is a little bit about them and their projects for the Trinidad Expedition:

25520075_10210410685965608_579174918_nGreig Muir (20)
“I am a 3rd year Zoology student at the University of Edinburgh. This will be my first expedition and I am looking forward to immersing myself in the diverse Trinidadian wildlife. Whilst in Trinidad I will be conducting my honours project on Amphibian Behavioural Syndromes, better known as animal personalities. I am excited about assisting in the various other projects going on over the summer, particularly the Bat and Turtle research. I hope to put teaching skills gained over 9 years of coaching rugby to P4-7 to use in the education aspects of the expedition.”

25564836_10159825042395553_1788417859_nCammy Beyts
“I am a first year PhD student from the University of Edinburgh. This will be my first time joining the Trinidad expedition and I am excited to start work on my own research project as well as getting stuck in with some of the other Zoology and Geography projects whilst I am out there.  My current research is focused on the causes and consequences of personality in frogs and in particular how diet can affect an individual’s behaviour over the course of their lifespan.  Whilst in Trinidad I will be incorporating Trinidad frog species into my research in order to look at species which would not otherwise be accessible within the UK.  In doing so I hope to add more species diversity to our understanding of animal personality.”

Toby Dighero (20)
“I’m a third year Zoology student at the University of Edinburgh. This is my first year coming on the Trinidad expedition and I am excited to join the Glasgow group heading out there. I will be working on a project on amphibian behavioural syndromes, which will form the basis of my Honours project. I enjoy being outdoors more than anything and have done a large amount of hiking in many countries and recently cycled from Berlin to London. I cannot wait to experience Trinidad and a new continent and culture, and am also very excited to get involved in all the projects going on.”

And that’s it!

We head out to Trinidad this summer – in about six months – and we are all very excited to carry out our zoology and and geography projects. Since returning back to university for the new year, we have started hosting and planning fundraising events in order for us to reach our budget. If you would like to find out more about the expedition, please follow the below links.

Here are the expedition’s social media pages and donation page!

To donate:








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